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i-PRO Cameras

In this session, we will explain how our i-PRO cameras are identified, share online resources for information, and discuss some of the camera features and when those features might be used. Additionally, we will walk you through the initial setup and configuration of an i-PRO camera, and we will show you some important tools that can be used to manage your i-PRO cameras.


In this session, we will discuss planning and implementation of the Video Insight (VI) software, as well as the items and information you want to collect to provide a successful deployment. Finally, we will walk you through the installation of the VI software, recommended settings, and discuss best practices for setup.


In this session, we will elaborate on the admin side of the VI software. We will go over building maps and views, as well as diving into our rules manager. We will also touch on camera properties, so you are aware of what changes affect the camera, and when you want to adjust the settings.

VI-End User

In this session, we will discuss the basic functionality of the Video Insight application, VI MonitorPlus. We will go over live viewing, recorded viewing, and clipping. We will also cover the features that are a part of those three topics, as well as discuss using views and facility maps.


In this session, we will discuss our access control platform, MonitorCast, including the software, hardware and benefits to using our system. We will go over the basics, such as schedules, access levels, and personnel. Finally, we will integrate a working MonitorCast system into the Video Insight VMS, where we can demonstrate the benefits of that integration via our rules manager.


This session we will cover the technology behind our Facial Recognition software, FacePro. We will cover where this system can be utilized as well as target audiences. We will discuss the configuration process including system requirements, and initial setup. We will also show the integration and demonstrate the product on a Video-Insight system.

VI Rules Manager

This session we will go over our robust rules manager feature inside of video-insight. We will discuss how these rules can be applied to achieve different needs, whether it be a system change in configuration, or a notification, or sending something to another user within the system. We will demonstrate the creation of these rules as well show them in action once they are made.

VI Camera Properties

This session we will dive into all of the camera properties inside the Video-Insight software. We will discuss optimal settings to apply and what changes, if any are made, how it will effect the camera.

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