Panasonic has developed a series of public and private courses for integrators (authorized resellers) and end users looking for in-depth information on the functionality of our VMS products as well as opportunity for growth. Becoming a certified Video Insight integrator is dependent upon successful completion of required training classes.

Training Courses

Date Training Seats Location Time*  
Jun 19, 2018 i-Pro Certification14 seatsHouston, TX9:00am-5:00pmRegister
Jun 20-21, 2018 VI Certification14 seatsHouston, TX9:00am-5:00pmRegister
Jul 17, 2018 i-Pro Certification20 seatsHouston, TX9:00am-5:00pmRegister
Jul 17, 2018 i-Pro Certification15 seatsLivermore, CA9:00am-5:00pmRegister
Jul 18-19, 2018 VI Certification20 seatsHouston, TX9:00am-5:00pmRegister
Jul 18-19, 2018 VI Certification18 seatsLivermore, CA9:00am-5:00pmRegister
*Local Time