Officer Safety Assurance

Allows for implementation of policies that save lives and ensure adherence to SOPs

Prosecution Accuracy

Increase your conviction rate with clear, conclusive video evidence

Incident Review and Report Writing

Rapidly and reliably review incidents in the field with report accuracy assurance

Simplified Evidence Transfer

Streamlined data sharing with an integrated radio that supports offloading and wireless connectivity to other devices

Fraudulent Allegation Protection and Reduced Liability

In 96.2% of complaint cases filed against an officer, the officer was exonerated by video evidence

Training Resource

Leverage video to train officers in handling specific scenarios and improve processes

Quality and Reliability

Panasonic manufacturing and quality inspections enable the Arbitrator 360° HD system to achieve industry-leading performance with one of the lowest annual failure rates

Community & Media Relations

Illustrate the reality of your policing approach and combat unfair perceptions with in-car video

Invest with Confidence

Invest in an asset that provides substantial ROI, when you have incremental funds available

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