Unify All Your Evidence

See The Entire Picture

Unified Digital Evidence software captures and secures everything an Arbitrator system records, including audio, video, plus critical telemetry like GPS position, vehicle speed, braking and emergency light status. It even captures GPS and motion data from officers wearing Body Worn Cameras (BWC).

100% Backward Compatible

Unified Digital Evidence software works with existing Arbitrator systems, so it can be upgraded to more efficient, more secure workflows without an investment in new hardware.

Capture Surveillance and Civilian Video

Unified Digital Evidence software integrates with multiple, non-Panasonic devices, including surveillance cameras and drones. It can even ingest, manage and secure eyewitness photos and videos, handwritten notes, and more.



Stay up and Running with the Microsoft Cloud

Unified Digital Evidence runs on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, which means maximum uptime and built-in compliance with FIPS protocols and CJIS regulations.

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Work where you are: web, mobile, desktop

Because Unified Digital Evidence runs in the cloud, you can access the files and tools you need from anywhere. You can search, playback files and share evidence from anywhere you have a signal.

Playback body camera footage with your phone

The Unified Digital Evidence app lets officers in the field view videos captured by Arbitrator 360 and BWCs using a smartphone.

Batch process repetitive tasks

Unified Digital Evidence can blur license plates, obscure bystanders and output redacted clips automatically.

Save time with secure file sharing

Sharing evidence with prosecutors, attorneys and the court is as easy as sending an email. Recipients access the files via the web so that Unified Digital Evidence can track and document each log-in and viewing.

Stay in control of your evidence

Even though Unified Digital Evidence runs in the cloud, we'll never hold your evidence hostage. With Panasonic, you own your data. You can store on-premises, in the cloud or a mix of both. No matter where it lives, your evidence stays yours.

Set Policies and Automate Compliance

Manage Every Camera From One Dashboard

Unified Digital Evidence defines how Arbitrator hardware behaves in the field. You set the protocols, and the entire system complies automatically.

Change Policies on Demand

Need to change recording trigger from 60 MPH to 70? Just change it in Unified Digital Evidence and your entire fleet will comply.

Control Access and Editing Privilages

Because it is fully integrated with Active Directory, Unified Digital Evidence makes it simple to prevent unauthorized access and tampering by defining roles for each user based on your existing directory structure.

Automate Data Management

Once you define your storage and archiving policies, Unified Digital Evidence carries them automatically. You can create custom rules for specific file types, define where files are stored and how long they stay active before being moved into archival storage.

Lock Down Your Chain of Custody

Tamper-Evident System

Unified Digital Evidence is a completely nondestructive system that keeps the original files untouched. Every redaction and edit happens on a separate tracked file so you can trace back any change and authenticate the integrity of the evidence.

Integrated, Secure File Structure

Unified Digital Evidence packages incidents in a single, time-synched file structure so you can review evidence without having to search through multiple pieces of data or manually establish a timeline. All files are encrypted and hashed so your evidence stays secure from capture to court and archiving.

Publish Documentation for Trial

Unified Digital Evidence logs the chain of custody automatically so you're always ready to comply with audits and produce documentation.