From the second an officer's emergency lights go on until the moment of verdict, maintaining an unbroken chain of custody is imperative to ensuring that justice is served. The Panasonic Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) protects all video and audio captured during an event and creates validated evidence files that are easily managed and securely stored.

A Legacy of Reliability

You've seen the rugged reliability of Toughbook® and Arbitrator®. Now get the software to
match. Panasonic has a long history of developing new, backward-compatible products for law
enforcement. You can count on UDE to work with every piece of hardware and data you have
in your possession ... now, and ten years from now.

Elegantly Integrated

UDE captures and packages every piece of your data in one secure file containing up to seven streams of audio, five streams of video, and metadata such as speed, current position, braking and emergency light status. So you'll get the full story of every incident without having to toggle or sync multiple pieces of data.

Eliminates Tampering

A proprietary format that is encrypted and hashed means that every stream of your evidence is protected – from capture to web publishing to archival. When a file is requested, you can share an unencrypted copy that can be partially redacted, but the original will maintain its integrity and authentication.

Automated Data Managemet

UDE manages your video retention policy and automates storage and archival actions so your team is free to work on FOIA requests and redactions. You can set custom rules for variables so that certain types of files can be stored locally and then automatically moved to archival status after a certain number of years.

Cloud, Local and Hybrid

Take advantage of the cost and time savings of cloud storage, maintain a legacy of local storage or do both. Panasonic UDE is the only Unified Digital Evidence of its kind that offers a hybrid storage capability.

Fully Customizable, Integrated Digital Evidence Management

  • Remote management and metadata integration for vehicles and cameras
  • Streaming video server and browser-based software
  • Validated files with access rights and permissions
  • Audit and chain of custody logging
  • Custom rules for retention of video
  • Embedded and third-party redaction software integration
  • Management of non-Arbitrator files (Panasonic Security, third-party video, images, docs)
  • Active Directory Integrated
  • Agnostic to storage systems
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Offering (Government Cloud, CJIS-Compliant)
  • IACP-Compliant (FIPS – 140, CJIS-Compliant)
  • Site licensed (single, multi-server, distributed systems)