Panasonic WV-S2531LTN

Panasonic WV-S2531LTN - iA (intelligent Auto) H.265 Network Camera

WV-S2531LTN i-Pro PTZ Security Camera
  • Extreme Super Dynamic Range - 144dB 
  • Built-in IR LED
  • ClearSight Dome Coating
  • IP66, NEMA-4X, IK10 compliant
  • Smart Coding - Reduce bandwidth usage up to 75%
  • Tele lens f=9.0-21mm, F1.7




2mp (1920 x 1080)

Super Dynamic

extreme sd

Super Dynamic Full-HD Vandal Resistant & Weatherproof Dome Network Camera

The new i-PRO Extreme cameras deliver Extreme Visibility with outstanding low-light performance from their 1/3" sensors that rival many 1/2" sensor cameras and feature an industry leading 144dB of Extreme Dynamic Range delivering balanced exposure and accurate color in even the most challenging lighting environments. Auto-Intelligence features like automatic scene-detection continuously monitor the field of view and instantly adjust the cameras parameters to optimize for best image capture based on scene dynamics, compensating for motion and constantly changing lighting. i-PRO’s Extreme Compression begins with industry standard H.265 encoding generating up to a 50% reduction in bandwidth compared to H.264 and Panasonic’s Advanced Smart Coding and Intelligent Face Coding features push that figure up to an 80% reduction. Panasonic’s i-PRO Preferred Program stands behind i-PRO’s Extreme Reliability by adding 2 years of factory warranty to the standard 3 year warranty on cameras. i-PRO’s Extreme Data Security means the new i-PRO Extreme surveillance platform employs PC-level IP-Data Security standards via Panasonic’s Secure Communications Suite and robust authentication using Symantec Device Certificates delivering comprehensive end-to-end data protection on all new i-PRO Extreme-based cameras, recorders and video management software.

Key enhancements in all new iPRO Extreme camera models include:

  • H.265 Smart Coding (Long GOP, Auto-VIQS, Smart Face Coding)
  • H.264 Compatibility and mixed mode streaming, recording and viewing
  • Auto Image Stabilization
  • Secure Communication
  • Up to 4-Steam simultaneous H.265/264 encoding
  • Enhanced Super Dynamic 144dB at 30fps (depending on model)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity from 0.008 lux to 0.015 in color mode (depending on model)
  • Touchable Rain Wash Coating (outdoor models only)
  • Built in IR LED (up to 130 feet)


WV-Q169A i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PRCM1 i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PS484S i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PWM485S i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PPM484S i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PCM484S i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PHM484S i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
PWM484S i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
WV-Q7118 i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
WV-Q124 i-PRO Mounting Bracket Accessory
WV-CW7S i-PRO Housing Accessory
WV-CW7SN i-PRO Housing Accessory

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Image sensor 1/3 MOS
Supported Video Codec H.265 / H.264 / JPEG
Max. Resolution 2MP - 3MP (1080p / 2048 x 1536)
Max. FPS H.264 60
Super Dynamic / WDR / BLC Enhanced Super Dynamic
Day/Night Day / Night (ICR)
ABF (Auto Back Focus) / Focus Assist ABF
Min. Illumination Color (lx) 0.015
Min. Illumination B/W (lx) 0.008 / 0 (w/IR-LED)
Lens f=9.0-21mm, F1.7
Angular field of view H: 14-34 deg. V: 8-19 deg.
Pan/Pan Range -180 - +180 deg.
Tilt/Tilt Range -30 - +85 deg.
Optical Zoom 2.3x
With Extra Zoom -
Audio 2-Way (No Built-in MIC)
External I/O 3/2
Vandal Resistant IEC62262, IK10
Water and Dust Resistance IP66, NEMA 4X
Rain Wash Coating ClearSight Coating
Smart Coding Yes
Temperature (degree, Celsius) Max 60
Temperature (degree, Celsius) min -40
Power Source PoE, 12V DC