Grants and Contracts

The Interlocal Purchasing Cooperative (TIPS)


TIPS – Contract number: 18020401. Tips Contract Valid through April 26,2021
Contract Name:Panasonic IPRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of American PIPSA


  • Video Insight IP Camera Software
  • Video Insight NVR’s
  • Video Insight video encoders
  • IP Cameras (includes Advidia and other camera manufacturers)
  • Installation Services

Grants Office Program

GRANTS SUPPORT PROGRAM - Expanding Access To Funding You Need

Federal and state grants are part of the budget picture for nearly every public sector agency in the country, but many agencies are understaffed for grants development or lack experience with grant programs that could dramatically increase their capacity to leverage technology to advance their missions and impact their communities.

The Panasonic Grants Support Program provides public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals with grants information, customized funder research, and consultation that will help develop project ideas, get technology-rich projects funded, and even expand initiatives that are already in the works.

Upcoming Grants - Spring 2020

  • Body-worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program (BWC PIP). Due Spring 2020. Provides funding for police departments who are (1) purchasing BWC solutions for the first time; or (2) expanding existing BWC solutions to more officers. 
  • Reduce Sexual Violence on Campus Program. Due February 12, 2020. Provides funding for higher ed school safety initiatives - including fixed surveillance solutions and other law enforcement tools (e.g. BWCs).
  • School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP). Due Spring 2020. Provides funding for K-12 school safety initiatives - including fixed surveillance solutions.
  • Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP). Due Spring 2020. Provides funding for security of mass transit systems in large cities - including fixed surveillance solutions on buses, trolleys, train cars, etc. 
  • HUD Emergency Safety and Security Grants. Due Spring 2020. Provides funding for fixed surveillance solutions in public housing complexes.