Panasonic WV-ASM300

  • Up to 100 recorders, 64 encoders and 256 cameras
  • “AES-256bit key” strong encryption
  • MP4 data direct download
  • 1-screen/4-screen PTZ compensation function

Easy setting : New WV-ASM300 software enable a whole setting from camera configuration to recorder configuration.

  • Up to 100 recorders, 64 encoders and 256 directly connected cameras can be registered. Up to 6,400 cameras registered in the recorders and 256 cameras registered in the encoders are automatically registered in the WV-ASM300 (the number of the cameras depends on the recorder and encoder).
  • Encryption of SSL and data encryption support latest “AES-256bit key” strong encryption
  • MP4 data direct download from WJ-NX400
  • When used with WJ-NX400 series, VMD, thumbnail search can be operated.
  • 1-screen/4-screen PTZ compensation function (hereinafter compensation function) from the fish-eye images of the Panasonic Fisheye network cameras (WV-SFV481 / WV-SFN480 / WV-SF438 / WV-SF448 / WV-SW458)
  • Supports 360-degree Network Microphone (WV-SMR10)
  • Selecting the camera icon in map window, a still image of the camera is overlaid.
  • Live window, Map window in addition to the Operation window (3 monitors)
  • Control using the Ethernet System Controller WV-CU950 * To use the multi-monitor function, it is necessary to install an additional video card on the PC in use.

Extension Software

  • WV-ASE202
  • WV-ASE203
  • WV-ASE204
  • WV-ASE205
  • WV-ASE306

Optional Accessory

  • WV-CU950