Panasonic PMPU3000

  • Analog to IP Integration
  • Hybrid analog/IP
  • Up to 64 recorders, 1,024 monitors, and 2,048 cameras
  • Camera/sequence/monitor selection
  • Easy and smooth integration from analog to IP system
  • Flexible system design: analog, IP and hybrid analog/IP
  • Up to 64 recorders, 1,024 monitors and 2,048 cameras (in case with encoder) can be registered
  • Camera/sequence/monitor selection, camera control and recorder control can be made with the optional system controller WV-CU950
  • Supported recorders: WJ-ND400 series, WJ-ND300 series, WJ-ND200 series, WJ-NV200 series, WJ-HD300 series, WJ-RT416 series, WJ-HD616/716 series
  • Redundant function supported (redundant function can consist of two WV-ASC970 servers as main server and standby server)
  • Up to 64 ND400 recorders can be registered as standby recorder for backup purpose of serious problems on main recorders