Panasonic WJ-HD716

Panasonic WJ-HD716 - 16-Channel H.264 Real-Time Digital Video Recorder

  • H.264 High Profile Real-time Recording
  • Scalable Storage Up to 24TB
  • PC-less Easy of Use and Setting
  • Up to 960ips real-time live at 16ch 2x monitors
  • 16ch Panasonic coax. camera control


h.264 high profile

Camera CH.

16ch video
4ch audio


max. 480ips

The Panasonic WJ-HD716 16-Channel H.264 Digital Disk Recorder combines the H.264 (High profile) codec with Panasonic's UniPhier proprietary System LSI platform to generate quality video images while keeping file sizes to a minimum. This DVR features 16 video inputs which can also be used for coaxial PTZ camera control.

Video is captured at speeds up to 480 ips for the combined 16 channels, resulting in natural-looking motion video for each camera input. Video playback is possible at up to 960 ips on 2 separate monitors via the BNC outputs. Video can also be outputted through the DVR's 2 HDMI ports at a resolution of 1080i (1920 x 1080 pixels) per monitor.

For expanding your surveillance system, up to 5 DVRs can be linked together (cascaded) to provide central control for up to 80 cameras from a single DVR. This DVR features 4 front-accessible HDD bays for ample storage space on the DVR. Storage capacity can be further expanded by attaching up to 3 external WJ-HDE400 Hard Disk Extension Units, each having 9 HDD slots, to this DVR. By adding an optional RAID card (WJ-HDB601), a RAID configuration can be applied to multiple HDDs for fail-safe, redundant recording.

  • H.264 High Profile Real-time Recording
    • Max. 480ips at 720 x 240
    • Max. 240ips at 720 x 480
  • Scalable Storage
    • Up to 24TB (main unit)
    • Up to 186TB (with 3 external storage units)
    • Ex. Storage Unit: WJ-HDE400
  • PC-less Easy of Use and Setting
    • Built-in GUI and Dual HDMI (1080i) output
    • Automatic camera configuration
  • Up to 960ips real-time live at 16ch 2x monitors
  • 16ch Panasonic coax. camera control
  • Up to 5 recorders can be integrated in cascade connection mode for up to 80 cameras

Key Features:

  • H.264 (High profile) codec with UniPhier Panasonic's proprietary System LSI platform provides high-quality and high-compression encoding simultaneously
  • H.264 image transfer at QVGA resolution for reducing network bandwidth
  • Real-time recording at 480/400 ips (field) and 240/200 ips (frame)
  • Up to 960 ips at 16 channels 2x monitors real-time live
  • Dual 1080i (1920 x 1080) display output for both Live and Live/Playback
  • Live/Playback monitor out (HDMI, BNC) and Live monitor out (HDMI, BNC)
  • 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, or 16 split screen display modes
  • SD5Link (Super Dynamic 5 Link) capability with i-VMD (intelligent-Video Motion Detection) alarm provides disk saving and easy search
  • i-VMD automatically learns the background movements (tree, rain, shadow, waves) and detects only the subjective movement
  • Abandoned objects can be detected and indicated with the red frame to alert a malicious attempt
  • A stolen object can be detected and indicated with the red frame to alert a theft
  • 16 analog video inputs including 16 Panasonic coaxial camera control inputs and 4 audio inputs
  • 2 HDMI interfaces
  • 2 RS-485 ports for connecting up to 4 optional WV-CU650 system controllers
  • Ethernet port at the front for quick troubleshooting without entering customer network
  • Front accessible 4 HDD slots for easier maintenance without removing the unit from the mount rack
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot for easily transferring the recorded image data
  • HDD capacity is expandable up to 31 HDDs (4 HDD slots in the main unit and 3 optional WJ-HDE400 Hard Disk Extension Units)
  • Remote monitoring available from Internet Explorer and WV-ASM100 i-Pro Management Software
  • Live images monitoring
  • Manually start/stop recording
  • Up to 8 users can operate via the network simultaneously
  • RAID5/6 capability with optional WJ-HDB601 RAID Board


Expansion unit for select DVR and NVR series.


6TB HDD Canister


4TB HDD Canister


3TB HDD Canister