Video Surveillance for Transportation

The challenge for many municipalities, when it comes to providing transportation surveillance, is how to best protect the safety of its citizens while dealing with continued budgetary constraints. Video Insight provides a cost effective way to maximize video surveillance coverage across any city area, making it easy for law enforcement officials to conduct investigations.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to setup and manage
  • User-Friendly Monitoring and Investigations with one-click access to information
  • Multi-System Growth and Management of school surveillance, access with visibility across all campuses from anywhere
  • Support more cameras with less hardware
  • Futureproof Investment through custom applications or technology upgrades
  • Support for Access Control
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Key Features

Video Wall needed? No Problem!

Video Wall application will automatically display a group of cameras, distributed over multiple monitors, allowing operators to interact by changing the layout and pushing cameras to specific monitors.

Mapping Support

Provide situational awareness with maps of the facility. Accessible from all clients, users can click on a camera icon anywhere on the map for a live video feed.

Integrated Health Monitoring

The Video Insight Server sends continuous camera and server status updates. Administrators are notified via email or mobile device with server and camera related issues of the entire district.

LPR Add-On

The LPR add-on makes it easy to capture license plates, identify vehicles, and enforce parking restrictions under any weather condition.

Enterprise VMS features you love at no extra cost

Video wall, Automated failover, unlimited clients and users, Active Directory / LDAP integration - all at no extra cost.

Video Surveillance Solution for Transportation

Through its transportation software plug-in, and it's Mobile Video Recorder, Video Insight offers the ability to offload recorded video from any vehicle along with that vehicle’s coinciding GPS positioning data, allowing for expanded asset awareness.

Customer Story

Denver RTD Bus Transit System

BackgroundSeeking to maintain safety and security, replace their aging analog-based system and reduce the manpower spent manually uploading video data, the Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) Transit Police Division installed Panasonic’s new i-PRO Transit solution across its bus fl eet. The solution includes durable Full HD 1080p and HD 720p network cameras inside and outside of each bus, integrated with other hardware and software components for recording, fi le transfer, viewing and management.System Adoption Method and EffectsThe Panasonic i-PRO Transit solution…

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