Video Surveillance for Commercial Industries

Ensuring the safety of employees, assets, and data in a corporate building can pose tremendous challenges and add to the operational cost of any organization. Video Insight’s cost-effective VMS can provide an easy solution that integrates with existing infrastructure and meets or exceeds all requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to setup and manage
  • User-Friendly Monitoring and Investigations with one-click access to information
  • Multi-System Growth and Management of school surveillance, access with visibility across all campuses from anywhere
  • Support more cameras with less hardware
  • Futureproof Investment through custom applications or technology upgrades
  • Support for Access Control
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Key Features

Enterprise VMS features you love at no extra cost

Video wall, Automated failover, unlimited clients and users, Active Directory / LDAP integration - all at no extra cost.

Surveillance Anywhere

Video Insight allows you to monitor your system remotely with our FREE app for Apple and Android devices. Reduce response time by viewing live and recorded video from anywhere.

Access Control Integration

Certified integration with popular access control platforms. Featuring alarms displayed inside of Video Insight’s thick, thin and mobile clients as well as the option to lock and unlock doors.

Access Control Out-of-the-Box

MonitorCast is an enterprise access control application that comes integrated with the VMS solution out of the box. It allows easy door management access, scheduling and live reporting of any facility without any additional cost.

Integrated Health Monitoring

The Video Insight Server sends continuous cameras and server status updates. Administrators are notified via email or mobile device of server and camera related issues of the entire district.


The LPR add-on makes it easy to capture license plates, helps identify vehicles, and enforce parking restrictions under any weather condition.

Customer Story

Marriott Marquis Hotel, San Francisco CA.

MARRIOTT MARQUIS HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO, CA.San Francisco Marriott Marquis Uses FacePro Facial Recognition System to Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Hotel GuestsChallengeSan Francisco is known as a city friendly to the homeless, but for a hotel property in the heart of downtown, that friendliness creates security challenges that impact the overall customer experience for visitors and hotel guests.SolutionMarriott Marquis partnered with STAC Systems and Panasonic to develop a pilot program of its WV-ASF900 FacePro™ Facial Search and Recognition…

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