How to Videos

End User

VI7 - Installing a Plug-in

This video demonstrates how a user can add a custom feature into VI MonitorPlus via downloaded plug-ins.

VI7 - How to Send Memos

This video demonstrates how a user can share a live video stream plus a personal note with another user.

VI7 - Workspaces

Workspaces is a customizable feature in VI Monitor v7 that allows an end user to create their own workspace with certain cameras, maps and much more.


Workspaces is a customizable feature in VI Monitor v6 that allows an end user to create their own workspace with certain cameras, maps and much more. This brief video demonstrates different customizable scenarios.

Web Client

This short video demonstrates Video Insight Web Client 6 with features like zoom, clipping, mapping and more all from the End User point of view.

View Recorded History

This short video shows the many ways to access recorded history in version 6 of the Video Insight software.

Viewing the Facility Map

Facility Maps provide a visual representation of your location and allows incidents to be identified easily and in real-time. This tutorial shows you how Facility Maps can be useful in everyday situations.

Setup & Configure

VI7 - Integrating VI MonitorPlus with MonitorCast

This video demonstrates how to connect VI MonitorPlus to MonitorCast.

View Creation (admin access only)

In this video you will see how to create custom views for the new version 6 of VI Monitor.

User Creation (admin access only)

This short video tutorial will show you how to create users, passwords and groups in Video Insight.

Templates (admin access only)

Camera templates are used to create a set of camera properties that can be used to set-up new cameras. Commonly, these can be used when setting up cameras to prevent the need to setup each camera individually. This brief video shows how to create and use templates in the VI Monitor v6.

Server Stats (admin access only)

This short video illustrates the Server Statistics feature in Video Insight. The Server Statistics feature provides vital information regarding the server status, camera status, storage, licensing and a listing of users currently online.

Guard Tours

This tutorial will go over the creation, management and viewing of Guard Tours with VI Monitor v6.


VI7 - Menu structure

A brief overview of the new menu structure available with VI MonitorPlus including the new home-screen and main menu options.

VI7 - Dynamic Tabs

Dynamic tabs are a new feature found in exclusively in VI MonitorPlus which allow for quick navigation, customization, and management of any and all works spaces found in VI 7.

VI7 - Timeline Navigation and Archiving

A detailed overview of the VI MonitorPlus’s timeline structure and archiving options.

Live to Recorded Video

In this How To video we will cover the fluidness of going from live video to recorded video within the VI Monitor v6.

v6 Ribbon Controls

With the new update there was a noticeable design change. The new VI Monitor v6 introduced the new Ribbon organization structure to make it easier to navigate through the VMS. This short video explains all the new ribbon menus and gives useful tips on how to use the new ribbon menu.

Live View Navigation

Learn more about navigating through the new design of the live feed including how to place cameras within the new workstation.

Right Click Options

Learn about the Right Clicking options available with VI Monitor v6.

Camera Control

This quick tutorial goes over the different types of cameras and their functions that can be used with VI Monitor v6.

Web Client 6 Overview

This brief video goes over the Web Client 6 for Video Insight and shows some of the differences from the previous version.