When it comes to mission-critical security at transit hubs, ports of entry and utility plants, equipment failure is simply not an option. That’s why our new AERO PTZ camera goes to the extremes. From hurricane-force winds to water and dust, from artic blasts to Sahara heat, the Aero PTZ delivers sharp high definition video quality with 360-degree continuous panning and 30x zoom capability, allowing it to see in virtually any direction, even in complete darkness. It features a lightweight but rugged, corrosion resistant glass fiber body, electronic image stabilization, a built-in wiper and defroster, and an optional infrared LED.

Don’t lose sight of what’s important. Under any conditions.

Key Benefits of AeroPTZ

  • Full HD Resolution with 30x Zoom 
  • Built-in Hybrid Image Stabilization 
  • Strong Wind Durability up to 134 mph 
  • Anti-Salt Air Corrosion Body 
  • IP67, IP66, IK10, IEC60525, NEMA 4X Compliance 
  • Wide Operating Temperature -58°F to 140°F 
  • Optional IR Illuminator Attachment