CUP Unlimited

Unhappy with your current IP-based video surveillance system or concerned about the costs of adding camera licenses? We've heard your frustrations, and we agree. That's why we're introducing (CUP UL) - so you can upgrade without worrying about maintenance fees.

The new Competitive Upgrade Program (CUP UL) is designed to help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and allow you to upgrade your system at a fraction of what you're paying today. When you replace your existing IP camera software with Video Insight, you'll receive an array of enterprise features, save over 50% off of VI’s entire software suite, and gain peace of mind with unlimited Software Upgrades (SUP).

CUP Request Form

Top Reasons to Switch to Video Insight VMS

  • Huge Discount on conversion
  • Pure 64-bit Technology™ - Peace of mind with maximized performance and scalability
  • Supports over 4,000 camera models
  • Enterprise features at no additional cost
    (Video Wall, Health Monitor, Unlimited Monitor Stations and more )
  • Integrates with top access control vendors
  • Supports over 150 manufacturers
  • Integrated Panic Button with Facility Map status indicators
  • Included Enterprise level access control platform and more...

Video Insight (VMS) is used by over 25,000 customers worldwide, including 5000 K-12 school districts and university campuses across the U.S. Ask for our limited time promotional price.

Requirements for the Competitive Upgrade Program. (CUP)

  • Must have a conversion count of 25 or more cameras at the site requesting (CUP)
  • The CUP program only applies to the conversion of other Enterprise level VMS platforms (Free platforms do not apply)
  • CUP is a 1 for 1 conversion program, thus camera counts on competing VMS solutions must be confirmed via Invoice, or official documentation stating the exact camera counts converting off of the competing platform to VI.