Panasonic WV-SFN480

Panasonic WV-SFN480 - 360-degree Indoor Dome 9 Megapixel Network Camera

  • 5 display modes available (Double Panorama, Panorama, Quat PTZ, Single PTZ, Fisheye)
  • 9MP (3K x 3K) 360° Fisheye image at 15fps
  • ULTRA Intelligence (Heat map, People Count, MOR, Intruder/Loitering/Scene Change/Object/Cross Line detection)
  • Smart Coding - Reduce bandwidth usage up to 75%




2992 x 2992

Super Dynamic


High resolution, sensitivity, and built-in intelligent features

  • 360° monitoring with a wide variety of transmission modes : Panorama, Double Panorama, Quad PTZ, Single PTZ, and Quad streams (H.264)
  • 9 Megapixel images up to 15 fps.
  • Smooth PTZ operation without mechanical action
  • Built-in distortion correction function
  • A fisheye lens control function realizes intelligible screen operation intuitively.
  • Smartphone monitoring : Direct camera control from smartphone
  • Wide dynamic range and ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver wider dynamic range.
  • High sensitivity with Day/Night (Electrical) function : 0.3 lx (Color), 0.2 lx (B/W) at F1.9
  • Built-in ABF enables automatic focus adjustment for sharp image, and corrects the focus shift that caused by temperature difference. You can install the camera even in the environment having drastic changes in temperature.
  • Digital Noise Reduction: 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions.
  • SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory card slot for manual recording (H.264 / JPEG), alarm recording (H.264 / JPEG) and backup upon network failure (JPEG)
  • Can be added new intelligent extension software (Extension software)*1 in addition to built- in VMD (Video Motion Detection), alarm function.
  • Intelligent function (Extension software)*1 such as Intruder / Loitering / Scene change / Object / Cross line detection, People Count (Cross line), MOR(Moving Object Remover) Function, Heat map (High Traffic Zone / Long-stay Zone)
  • Super Chroma Compensation function realizes a better color
  • Supports SSL, DDNS (viewnetcam, RFC2136)
  • Operating temperature:
  • –10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F) (Ceiling / Wall / Camera mount bracket)
  • –10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F) (Desktop/ Tripod)
  • *1 *Heat map function: Available in March, 2015. Other Intelligent VMD function: Available in January, 2015.

The WV-SFN480 indoor i-PRO ULTRA 360 camera offers ultra high resolution, ultra sensitivity, ultra intelligence and ultra toughness. Built on Panasonic's new, ground-breaking 12 megapixel 4K ULTRA HD engine, the WV-SFN480 produces a 9MP (3K x 3K) Fisheye image to capture crisper edge-to-edge images that deliver virtually the same resolution and coverage area as four conventional 720p security cameras thereby increasing system efficiency. The ULTRA 360 camera's new analytic functions optimize business processes by bringing a deeper understanding of a customer's behavior. The new analytics are ideal for generating insight into floor behavior in retail environments and to evaluate people movement in public spaces.

The ULTRA 360 camera is designed to be highly flexible supporting various display modes such as Fish-eye, Single Panorama, Double Panorama, Single PTZ, Quad PTZ, and Quad Stream modes. The cameras support simultaneous streaming of both Fish-eye and dewarped images so that the system can allow the full image to be recorded while concurrent users can utilize additional streams with different display configurations. The cameras support multi-user virtual pan, tilt and zoom in Quad PTZ mode. This means that multiple users can pan, tilt and zoom different views of the full image at the same time on live streams or while playing back recorded video further increasing flexibility.

Ultra High Resolution

The camera produces a 9MP 3K x 3K Fisheye image at 15fps and a 4MP Fisheye image at 30fps in H.264 for incredibly high resolution at standard frame rates, ensuring bright images under any lighting condition. In addition, its Ultra 4K HD engine allows multiple levels of zooming without resolution loss.

Ultra High Sensitivity

The camera's new 1/2" 12MP image sensor and F1.9 large diameter lens provides sharp and natural color reproduction with strong low light performance, less than 0.3 lux in color and black-and-white.

Ultra Intelligent

The camera's advanced analytics capabilities providing business owners with valuable insights into the movements of their customers and employees. Its Heat Mapping capabilities can aggregate a history of movement in a scene and overlay a color heat map indicating both traffic patterns and dwell time in a single easy-to-understand view. Additional analytics include a 12-virtual-line, bi-directional "people counting" function to assist in quantifying the movement of people in a scene. The camera's MOR (Moving object removal) video analytics can mask moving objects to identify a background change. This Intelligent Video Motion Detection software is ideal for locations where privacy is a concern.


  • WV-Q105A
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Image sensor 1/2 MOS
Supported Video Codec H.264 / JPEG
Max. Resolution 9MP
Max. FPS H.264 15(9MP)
Super Dynamic / WDR / BLC Wide Dynamic
Day/Night Day & Night (electrical)
ABF (Auto Back Focus) / Focus Assist ABF
Min. Illumination Color (lx) 0.3
Min. Illumination B/W (lx) 0.2
Lens f=1.38mm, F1.9
Angular field of view H: 180 deg. V: 180 deg.
Pan/Pan Range -
Tilt/Tilt Range -
Optical Zoom -
With Extra Zoom -
Audio 2-Way & Built-in MIC
External I/O 2-Mar
Vandal Resistant -
Water and Dust Resistance -
Rain Wash Coating -
Smart Coding Yes
Temperature (degree, Celsius) Max 50
Temperature (degree, Celsius) min -10
Power Source PoE, 12V DC