What is the process for enrolling my Panasonic Cameras?

Myles Blackwood
2015-05-29 18:15


These instructions will walk you through the process of adding your Panasonic Cameras to IP Server though the management tool called VI Monitor.  It is installed by default with IP Server installation. It is the management tool for your Video Insight IP Server.

Once you have completed adding your cameras to the IP Server while using VI Monitor, you will then need to take a few extra steps to activate your cameras completely.

If you have already added your Panasonic Cameras, and your IP Server does have Internet access, please Click Here in order to complete the final steps of Panasonic Camera activation.

If you have already added your Panasonic Cameras, but your IP Server does not have Internet access, please  Click Here in order to complete the process of Panasonic Camera activation.

 Please follow these steps to complete your activation: 

1) Log in to VI Monitor on your IP Server.

2) Select Administration along the top tabs within VI Monitor.

3) Next, select Servers (on left)

4) Select Cameras

5) Clicking on “Auto Discovery” will display the following window:



The Auto Discovery feature is used for cameras that are connected to your network and to allows you to quickly adding them to list of monitored cameras.  

By selecting the option for “ Use Default Passwords” , the system will use the camera's default username and password to locate the camera. Otherwise, be sure to type in the username and password used to locate the cameras.  

The progress will show in the progress bar.


When the Auto Discovery process is done, a popup will appear informing the user that the process is complete.

6) Select the cameras you wish to add by clicking the checkboxes or using the select all button.


7) The selected cameras will be added to the list in the bottom right corner. Users can now add them to the list of Monitored cameras by clicking on the ‘Add’ button.

If you prefer to customize your Camera Names while adding them, you may wish to add them manually. (Not Necessary if Auto-Discovery was used above.)

1) To do this,  click on ‘Add Manually’.

The following form will appear:


2) You will add all the camera information, Name, IP address, user name and password, Camera Make and Model.

3) When finished, click on 'Add' at the bottom of the window.

Note on manually adding cameras:

During the manual registration process, you will be prompted to add more cameras after you select Add (shown in above image). If you select 'Yes' the information entered manually for the previous camera will appear in the fields, but the custom name of the camera will be blanked out. You will need to change the name of the camera, the model (if different than before) and the IP address of the camera before selecting Add. You will continually be prompted to add more cameras until you select "No" when prompted for adding more cameras.

You have now successfully added your Panasonic Cameras to IP Server, but have not yet activated the Panasonic Cameras within VI Monitor. Please continue with one of the two following options:

If your IP Server does have Internet access, please Click Here in order to complete the final steps of Panasonic Camera activation.

If  your IP Server does not have Internet access, please  Click Here in order to complete the process of Panasonic Camera activation.

 Note: In the event that you already had a previous installation of IP Server, and a serial number provided by Video Insight, please call Customer Service so that we can move your licenses over to the new serial number provided with your Panasonic camera registration. That number is: 713-621-9779 ext. 2 Mon-Fri 7a-7p CST.

If you experience any difficulties with this process, please call Video Insight's Technical Support department
Limited support is available outside of the listed hours, 7 days a week.


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