Disable/Enable the On-Screen Timestamp

Jeff U.
2015-02-23 18:27


This article describes how to enable or disable the on-screen timestamp that is pushed out from the camera.
NOTE: The IP Server watermarks and timestamps all recorded video by default. In most cases, judicial courts do not accept video evidence if the video displays conflicting timestamps.



    • Steps:

1.  Open Monitor Station and log in with Administrator privileges.

2.  Expand the server which hosts the camera/encoder via the left-tree.

3.  Right-click the camera/encoder and choose Properties.

4.  Under the General tab, find the drop-down menu in the Display Options section labeled Time Stamp.

          • NOTE: This requires a compatible camera/encoder. If the drop-down menu does not appear, you must enable/disable the timestamp from the camera/encoder's web interface. 

5.  Select the appropriate option and click Apply>OK.

          • No time stamp
          • Burn time stamp in video
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