How to Verify If a RTSP Stream Is Working Properly

Mike O.
2015-02-23 18:27


This article shows you how to verify if a RTSP stream is working properly using VLC Media Player.



    • Steps:

1.  Download/Install VLC Media Player.

2.  Open VLC Media Player.

3.  Click the Media file menu.

4.  Select Open Network Stream.

5.  Type in the RTSP stream.

          • Example: rtsp://IPADDRESS/h264/ch1/main/av_stream

7.  Click Play.

8.  It may prompt you for the username/password of the camera.

9.  If you are able to pull the RTSP stream, you may attempt to add the camera into Monitor Station using the Universal Camera Support as the manufacturer.

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If you do not know the RTSP URL check with the camera manufacturer.

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