How to Configure an Advidia VPx Encoder to Use a NTP Server

Mike O.
2015-03-20 19:00


This article shows you how to correct the time on an Advidia VP-1 / VP-4 / VP-8 / VP-16 by using a NTP server.



    • Steps:

1.  Open Internet Explorer and go the IP Address of the Advivia VPx.

          • Default Username: admin
          • Default Password: 12345
          • Default Port: 8000

2.  Once logged in click on the Config at the top of the page.

3.  On the left, click Remote Config.

4.  In the left tree, expand the Network Parameters folder.

5.  Click NTP Settings.

7.  Check Enable NTP.

8.  Enter a desired NTP Server Address.

          • Example: (This is a NTP server)

9.  Default NTP Port: 123 (unless otherwise specified).

10. Default Synchronize Interval: 60.

11. Select the correct Time Zone.

12. Click Save.

13. Ensure your default gateway is properly set for your network.

          • This is found under Network Parameters>Network Settings.

14. Click Save.

15. If the time is still incorrect, go back to Network Parameters>NTP Settings and change the time zone so that it shows the correct time whether it is the true time zone or not.


NOTE: Additional NTP Internet Time Servers can be found here: NIST Internet Time Service.

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