How to Add an Advidia Encoder in Monitor Station

Mike O.
2015-02-23 18:27


This article shows you how to add an Advidia VP-4 / VP-8 / VP-16 encoder within Video Insight's Monitor Station.



    • Steps:

1.  Open Monitor Station, go to Administration>Setup and Configuration.

2.  Select the server you wish to add the encoder to in the left tree.

3.  Click the Cameras Tab.

4.  Click Manual Add.

5.  In the New Camera window, select the correct Manufacturer/Model, IP Address, and Username/Password.

6.  Check the Shared IP Address box and use the up arrow button to 1.

          • This corresponds with the camera in the first channel or port on the back of the encoder.

7.  It is also recommended to give the camera another name or temporary name to discern between newly added cameras.

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8.  Click Add.

9.  You will receive a message stating: "The IP Camera has been added. Do you want to continue adding cameras?".  Choose Yes.

10. At this point you will only need to change the camera number up to next number 2, 3, 4, etc. and the Camera Name.

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11. Once you have completed adding cameras select the No button for adding additional cameras.

12. Click the Apply button in the Server Configuration window.

13. Click OK in the Server Configuration window.

14. The newly added cameras should start streaming immediately.

15. If the cameras do not start streaming, restart the IP Server Manager and Monitor Station.

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