Configure Camera Side Motion Detection in VPx Series Encoders

Jeff U.
2015-03-25 22:24


This article describes how to configure an Advidia VPx series encoder for Camera Side motion detection.


Possible Issues/Solutions:

    • Steps:

1.  Using Internet Explorer from the IP Server, navigate to the IP Address of the encoder.

2.  Log into the encoder using the admin credentials.

3.  Click Configuration in the top menu.

4.  In the left tree, click Remote Config.

5.  In the resulting window, click Motion Detection located under the Channel Parameter section in the left tree.

6.  For each channel on the encoder, verify that the checkbox labeled Enable Motion Detection is ticked.

7.  Click Settings located in the Area Settings section.

8.  Draw the appropriate motion zones.

            • Tick the checkbox that reads Start Draw

            • Using your mouse, click and drag a box around the area you wish to view for motion changes.

NOTE: It is advised that smaller boxes be created for areas that are further from the camera. This is due to the motion threshold.

              • An object further away will take up a smaller percentage of a box than an object that is closer. To counteract this, we limit the total size of that box so that the smaller motion takes up a larger percentage of said zone.

9.  Once you've completed drawing the zones, select the sensitivity. 

            • Off = No Sensitivity or No Motion Detection

            • 6 = High Sensitivity or Record Always

            • General recommendation is to set the sensitivity to 5.

10.  Click OK and then Save.

NOTE: By default, the Motion Detection for all channels is scheduled for 24/7. If this needs to be changed, it can be adjusted by clicking the Settings in the Arm Schedule section.


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