Live Preview Failed

Jeff U.
2017-07-27 21:49


This article describes how to resolve issues with Advidia cameras and encoders saying Live Preview Failed.


    • When logging into an Advidia device, instead of seeing live video, a dialog box pops up reading Live Preview Failed.


Possible Issues/Solutions:

    • Rename WebClientActiveX Folder - 

      • Steps:

1.  On the server, ensure that Internet Explorer is closed.

2.  Navigate to %systemroot%\SysWOW64\.

3.  Rename the WebClientActiveX folder to OLDWebClientActiveX.

4.  Open Internet Explorer.

5.  Open Tools>Internet Options.

          • The gear icon at the top right of Internet Explorer represents Tools in Internet Explorer 10 and beyond.

6.  Under the Advanced tab, click Reset...

          • This will revert all Internet Explorer settings to their default.

7.  Set the IP Address in Compatibility View.

8.  Set the IP Address in Trusted Sites.

          • After adding it to Trusted Sites, click Custom Level.
          • Select the Radio button for Prompt under "Download unsigned ActiveX controls".

9.  Navigate back to the web interface and download the ActiveX controller.


    • Reboot the Device - 

      • In some cases, this issue is caused by too many concurrent connections to the device.

      • Steps: 

1.  Log into the camera's web interface using Administrator credentials.

2.  Click Configuration.

3.  Under Basic Configuration, choose System from the left-tree.

4.  Under the Maintenance tab, click the Reboot button under the Reboot section.

5.  Once the camera comes back online, attempt to reconnect and view video.

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